Destination: Zanskar

Tucked in the remotest corner of Ladakh, Zanskar Valley is an epitome of scenic beauty peppered with snow-covered trans-Himalayan ranges and glacier-fed rivers which offer a hypnotizing visual treat to all the nature lovers. The distant wilderness of the region, makes it a heaven for adventure aficionadas and thrill seekers too, who often travel here to satiate their desires for enthralling trekking expeditions and adrenaline pumping river rafting experiences; the world famous ‘Chadar Trek’ is synonymous with Zanskar and truly provides for a heart-thumping ride to passionate trekkers and hikers looking forward to test their physical endurance and mental stamina on treacherous Himalayan trails. For those intrigued with a rafting experience, the icy cold waters of Zanskar River make for perfect host, welcoming guests with some eclectic rapids that are sure to send a chill down their spines.

For those up for a cultural treat in Zanskar, are surely not going to leave disappointed. The daily life of this hidden valley revolves around Buddhism and its beautiful monasteries that have been sitting here since ages; ‘Stongdey Monastery’, ‘Karsha Gompa’, ‘Rangdum Gompa’ and ‘Zangla Monastery’ are counted amongst the most revered and provide all visitors with an amazing Buddhist cultural insight, replete with beautiful and vibrant architecture, sounds of prayer wheels and soul-rejuvenating chanting of ‘Om mani padme hum’ reverberating in all directions. Besides, Zanskar also has in its store several cave monasteries (‘Zongkhul Monastery’ and ‘Phuktal Monastery’) which make for popular and unique tourist attractions lying hidden inside huge mountain caverns. For those on trekking holidays in Zanskar.

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