Destination: Leh

Leh-Ladakh is often referred to as the ‘Land of Buddhism’; uncountable monasteries, stupas and chortens peppered through the region offer an unmatched religious experience to all the spirituality-seekers. The little town also has in its store, a number of tourist attractions for history lovers; scores of ancient forts and palace scatter throughout and provide for a magnificent sneak-peek into region’s rich past. Nestled in the lap of Indus River Valley and perched at an elevation of around 3500 metres above sea level in the state of Jammu & Kashmir, Leh is a thriving holiday destination in North India which is best known for its enchanting scenery dotted with majestic snow-laden Himalayan peaks, mystical valleys, torrential rivers and deep gorges.

This little place is not only a heaven for nature enthusiasts but, also an empyrean for passionate adventure lovers and thrill seekers who specially travel here from different corners of the globe to satiate their adrenaline-filled desires for an unprecedented adventure of trekking, mountain biking, river rafting and high-altitude camping; Leh’s neighbouring valleys of ‘Nubra’ and ‘Markha’ count amongst the most popular trekking destinations and offer an exciting potpourri of blissful scenic charm amalgamated with challenging heights that are just enough to leave even most experienced of the trekkers with some hair-raising memories for their lifetime.

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